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Thanks again your course last week was 5 star rating! Great course!  Bruce teaches the material in a way that is very relatable and easy to understand for all levels of boating experience.
Thanks Bruce!
I appreciate this!
And the love of your sport/job shine thru when you’re teaching! I learned lots- not just from the material, but more from your experience/stories!!
Rae H.


First, I would Like to say thank you again for the great teaching and for sharing all your knowledge about Marine Safety, Regulations and experiences in Operating various different vessels. I can not believe how much I learned in just one week, so much more still to learn.

Suzie S.

Hey Jimmy, Just wanted to thank you for getting me into the SVOP course this week.  Bruce is an extremely knowledgeable instructor and cover all the material very well in a way that was easy to understand.  Just wanted to say thanks.

Thomas P.

Thanks for teaching our staff last week on the SVOP and MED A3. They had a great time and were very pleased having you as their instructor.

Kevin T.

I was very impressed with Bruce Stott's care and diligence with respect to safety and feel that your company would be an excellent recommendation for our folks to obtain the necessary compentencies when out on the water...

Amanda M.

One more thing Bruce:  I have spent my share of time in the classroom and I can say with confidence that you are one of the best teachers of all time, so keep it up and don't stop.  You were born to it.

You skillfully meld the mundane with the fun and manage to keep the squad engaged and chucklin, while they learn things they may consider to be a bit dry.

Tim T.

Hi Jimmy, I took the SVOP course etc. with Bruce in Victoria and I would like to thank you for the high level of instruction and professionalism.

Andrew L.

Thank you, Jimmy for providing this excellent course for our group at...  Bruce is a fine instructor and all the participants appreciated the training.

John S

Hello Jimmy,  Just want to pass along a note to say thanks for the training.  All participants found the training to be invaluable and appreciated Bruce's enthusiasm and knowledge, great instructing.

Mike W.


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