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As of September 15, 2021, the MED A3 certificate course has been discontinued.  If you currently hold this certificate, it continues to be valid.

Small Domestic Vessel, Basic Safety (SDV-BS) is the new certificate.  It is also an 8 hour course.

I have written a new manual and it was approved this summer.

At this time, I am waiting for approval of the exams which I submitted September 19, 2021.  Transport Canada has informed me that due to the demand of schools submitting new course material, there is a six month backlog in getting materials approved.  Therefore, at this time, I cannot teach the SDV-BS.

I you wish to take the course online, the only institution offering online courses is Safer Oceans. Starting in February, I will be working with Safer Oceans to offer the SVOP course online.

8 hour course, 1 day, usually on Mondays


 $285 + GST







If you have 8 or more students, please contact us and we will do our best to schedule a course for you at your location.


Hi Jimmy,

Just wanted to drop you a line (pardon the pun)…to say THANK YOU for the great instruction on the MED3 and SVOP courses. You delivered the content in an easily digestible format and it was a great group of students. It was informative and enjoyable!

I’m just a few weeks away from opening my Charter business, so I’ll keep you posted when we officially launch.

Thanks again…let’s keep in touch!

Tim H.

The MED A3 is a Basic Safety Training Course for Operators and Crew
which provides basic safety training for crew members of non-pleasure vessels of not more than 150 gross tonnage operating not more than 25 nautical miles from shore.

  • This Transport Canada approved coursMED A3 Rigid hull inflatable e has been designed to provide operators and crew members with:
  • a basic understanding of the hazards associated with the marine environment and the vessel they are operating,
  • the prevention of shipboard incidents including but not limited to capsizing, taking on water, overloading and running aground,
  • the knowledge necessary to raise and react to alarms, and to deal with emergencies,
  • an ability to provide assistance in fire and abandonment emergency situations,
  • the knowledge and skills which will enable all persons aboard to assist in their own survival and rescue,
  • the ability to recognize and operate signaling devices including pyrotechnics and electronic communication,
  • the knowledge for proper boat care and preventative maintenance measures to ensure the vessel is seaworthy in all marine conditions 

To determine if this training applies to you, contact Transport Canada, Marine Safety.

See Transport Canada TP4957, page 32

This certificate is a pre-requisite for the SVOP certificate.

* For course dates, rates and any further information, contact Bruce Stott at
250-656-2628 or


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MED A3 and SVOP courses.

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